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The northern Deichtorhalle with its footprint of some 3,800 sq.m. boasts the largest single coherent exhibition space for contemporary art in Europe. This Hall for Contemporary Art presents major projects, highlighting positions in art today. The focus tends to be on individual shows by internationally acclaimed painters, sculptors and designers. The projects are usually site-specific, having been developed in close cooperation with the artists themselves.

In this way, since 1989 more than 160 large-scale exhibition projects have been realized. Alongside extensive solo shows by famous artists of the likes of Andy Warhol, Martin Kippenberger and Louise Bourgeois, major exhibitions have been dedicated to younger artistic endeavors at a very early stage in their development, examples being Andreas Gursky (1994), Jason Rhoades (1999) and Jonathan Meese (2006). Moreover, the northern Deichtorhalle also runs themed shows and group exhibitions, and showcases selections from major international art collections.

The northern Deichtorhalle also regularly hosts exhibitions that deliberately emphasize the links between culture and everyday life, not to mention themes in cultural policy that consciously address the broader general public. The Deichtorhallen’s Artistic Director Dr. Dirk Luckow is in charge of the Hall of Contemporary Art program.